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Visto que no 1º período não pus nada no blog, a minha nota só vai entre o 0 e o 12. Sendo assim então a nota que acho que mereço é um 8 porque neste 2º período pus coisas que tinham a ver com os temas que estavam a ser tratados em aula. A informação que lá pus pode não ter sido a melhor, mas ao menos fiz um esforço para meter lá alguma coisa. 

published by Ruben, 21/3/2012

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Ruben, nota máxima de 12 - relativa à 'recuperação' do zero no 1.º período. Para o trabalho relativo aos temas do 2.º período, a nota é de 0 a 20.


February 04, 2012

commentary about the movie: Persepolis

The most interesting of the film is that it is fun while exciting. Marjane can tell us of the history of their country in a comical way. In the film we see the difficulties that she is a girl very nonconformist who does not accept everything people say, both his parents decided to send her to Europe for her not having to suffer the consequences due to their way of being .
Thus followed the curious and idealistic girl who wanted to learn as much as possible about politics, revolutions, and everything else with his friends, going to see her in her early teens, already with the dictates of Islam in the use of costumes (as the adoption of the burqa) and other forms of social control, until their adolescence and adulthood, when she saw an immigrant and will meet the society outside their country.

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January 11, 2012
theories about 9/11 x 2
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FILM REVIEW: Lost in Translation:

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