February 04, 2012

commentary about the movie: Persepolis

The most interesting aspect of the film is that it is fun while exciting. Marjane can tell us of the history of her country in a funny way. In the film we see the difficulties she has to face for being a very nonconformist girl who does not accept everything people say. Her parents decide to send her to Europe so that she doesn't have to suffer the consequences of her way of being .
Marjane wants to learn as much as possible about politics, revolutions, and everything else with her friends, both Iranian and Austrian and refuses all forms of social control, in her adolescence and as an adult, when she finds herself incapable of returning to her homeland, as much of a 'foreigner' there as abroad.

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  1. I had to rewrite the 2nd. paragraph, Ruben, it didn't make much sense ..


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