February 04, 2012

Film Review // Land of plenty

The film "Land of Plenty" from the director Wim Wenders is based on an ambiguous issue, the United States from Bush era, and I say ambiguous because it is an interesting issue to dissect, the American paranoia about terrorism and the attack to those who fit the "terrorist stereotype", but the way that this director (or maybe the script writer) treated this made the film a little bit boring at some point.

It touches a very sensitive point, religion. The United States are ruled by "the words of God", presidents have to pledge allegiance with the right hand on a Bible and they even have written "In God we trust" in every money bill, so they are apparently a very religious country. And this film shows that contradiction on American society, the Christian Fundamentalism. Christians pretend to show that they love their next but at some point in the Bible is written something like - Those who work on Saturday should be killed - but this is something I just heard, I don't have time to read that best-seller.

Anyway, in conclusion, this film shows that, although Americans preach love and compassion for their next, they are very sellective and don't have second thoughts when they see someone who "looks" like a terrorist and misjudge him immediately.

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  1. Very true, André, hypocrisy defines our times and not just in the USA..
    But the film goes far beyond religious issues, don’t you agree? It raises the problem of generalized and power-supported ‘fear’ as a consequence of the 9/11 events and the devastating effect it can have. It also shows the viewer the “dark side of the moon” by destroying the myth of the so-called ‘American dream’ ..


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