February 21, 2012

Movie Review: Persepolis

With the beginning of the 2nd term of the English class we initiated a theme that is quite interesting for those who admire everything that is related to Democracy.
There is no better explanation for the democracy’s definition than the actual images that our world provides us every single day.
So in order to better understand this thing called democracy our English teacher presented us a movie (quite incredible I must say), Persepolis.
When I heard that we were going to see a movie that tells us the story of the revolution that happened in Iran in the 80’s my first thought was “I cannot believe that we’re going to see such a boring “documentary””! How wrong I was .
I enjoyed watching that movie because it is just a different way of seeing what happened during a revolution I had no idea about.
The best part of this documentary/movie is that it’s an animated film which is very catchy and easy to understand.

But leaving all this behind we must point out some very serious actions that were made after the movie was released.
For example many Protesters attacked a TV station over the film Persepolis because according to them the movie insulted Islam: “The protesters are angered by fantasy scenes in which God is shown talking to a young girl.”
To be honest I’m very happy that the directors of this particularl movie had the courage to create something like this, something that can explain what happened and what was suffered because of this terrible repression.
Overall I think that Persepolis is a very good documentary/movie and Iwas glad that our teacher showed us something of this size.

So thank you Ana Lima.

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  1. You're welcome, Doinita! :)

    Always a pleasure to share these things with my students!


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